- less waste, better quality, producing only what you love -

crafted with love in nyc

We work with the same fabric vendors and factories as your favorite luxury brands and keep our production here in NYC to ensure that our dresses are of the highest quality.




Fashion companies spend a fortune each season trying to forecast trends. Carte Blanche is the first women's fashion brand that uses crowd-sourcing to allow users to vote on which styles will be manufactured.

no more middlemen

We sell our dresses at their true cost, not 4-8x, which is what you’d pay at a traditional retailer.



how does it work?

We design one-of-a-kind dresses with you in mind: starting with the best materials, a trained eye for creating flattering silhouettes, and a dedication to true quality and craftsmanship. 

We create a campaign around each style and give you the power to ultimately decide what goes into production. 

Once a style is fully funded, we'll send it off to our factories to be made here in NYC, then wrap it with care and deliver it directly to you!