founder & designer

Monica is the founder and designer behind Carte Blanche, a crowd-sourced womenswear brand that's giving users the power to decide what styles go into production.

Before starting Carte Blanche, Monica spent years designing for brands like Ann Taylor and Kate Spade SATURDAY and dreamed of the day she'd launch her own collection. 

On any given day at Carte Blanche HQ, Monica can be found poring over fabric swatches, posting behind-the-scenes photos, and dreaming up new ways to surprise and delight Carte Blanche fans.

When she's not working, you can find her in the kitchen looking for a snack and doing impressions.

Say hi at or on Twitter @NohMonica



pr & media manager

Julia brings skills gathered from years of counseling and New Media to the table at Carte Blanche. By nature, Julia loves bringing people together and sharing information, oftentimes over lunch at one of her favorite spots.

When it's time to work, she's dedicated to spreading the word about Carte Blanche and advocating for female entrepreneurship. 

Otherwise, she is a coffee-loving, mental health advocate who has been promising her husband that she will in fact, train for the marathon this year.

Say hi at or on Twitter @julialeeyu.




Anar is an advisor for Carte Blanche, providing strategic guidance for the business. With her varied background in product, advertising, and consulting, she brings a unique perspective to the table. She's our geeky fashion lover, with a soft spot for spreadsheets, cities, and peanut butter.

Say hi at or on Twitter @anarjoshi.