Why Crowd-Source? How Carte Blanche is Bridging the Gap Between the Designer and Consumer

One-on-On with Monica Noh: How she's approaching the fashion industry.

Q: What is your business model? How is it unique from other business models within the industry?

A: Carte Blanche uses a crowd-funding model, which means that I design a collection and users pre-buy the styles they want. This means their credit cards aren't charged until the dress they've backed hits its manufacturing minimum. This way, we don't hold any inventory and are able to deliver our dresses without the markups. This allows our customer to purchase a dress that would retail at $700 for $179. 

Traditionally, fashion brands work in silos, relying on trend-forecasting and sales from previous years to flesh out their collections rather than creating a constant feedback loop where the consumer has the power to decide which styles hit the factory floor. With crowd-sourcing, the burden of sell-throughs and inventory risk are eliminated, and we’re able to deliver high-quality goods at their true cost.